Creating Future Through Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting is like making a recipe, cooking a meal, making a painting, definitely nothing less than creating a piece of art. The conscious means that each and every action, word, and thought which goes into it, is shaping the kid every moment for what it is and what it is going to be in the future. Hence, when one is parenting consciously, one has to work on oneself first, a lot, till the point where one knows the impact words can create, differences actions can make, and realities thoughts can shape. Here, one can't be a passive observer, just supplying the needs and wants of kids and acting as a resource for money and basic needs.

Why does it matter?

It matters because this is one of the ways to make the world happier, healthier and satisfied, bringing down the stress levels and unnecessary feeling of scarcity. This is one way to create abundance through mental, emotional and psychological change which could be ensured by consciously spending days out with the kids in a scenario where conscious conversations can take place.

How does it work?

When a kid is born, that newborn mind is a blank slate and a white canvas. There is no reality and no truth available to be known and seen. Then comes in the immediate family and people who are a part of this kid’s life. When that blank mind is exposed to these people from vicinity and surrounding, and as they start spending their days out with the kids, the mind starts absorbing the ideas, emotions and thought processes subconsciously and there is a sense of reality, truth, and facts which starts developing in this new mind. Though the brain never knows that this might not be the ultimate and objective truth and reality because it is exposed to only this one way and nothing else. Hence it does not realize that life is an experience of being into a matrix.

This way, the code is passed on from generation to generation and with that evolution, growth becomes confined. The paradigm shift needed to liberate from this coding and radical changes to happen in one's life and world, the patterns need to be broken very consciously and hence conscious parenting works on constantly changing the past code passed on through generations, to update and align it with time and continuously dropping off the lifestyles which are no more relevant.